We work hard to raise money for the school


  • Held in the fall and spring
  • Children enjoy the experience of shopping for their own books
  • Parents have an opportunity to shop during evening hours
  • Money raised by the Book Fair goes to
    • purchase books and furniture for the library
    • provide all students with books for Read Across America Day and/or Drop Everything And Read Day
    • provide books for incoming Kindergarten students
    • and other items for the school

Volunteer Opportunity: Volunteers are needed to set up/take down book displays, collect money during class visits and evening hours, and help children select books unbefristeter arbeitsvertrag kostenlos downloaden.

Time involved: Flexible; 2-3 hour shifts.


  • PTA earns a portion of the proceeds from lunch sales
  • Program provided by Simply Gourmet
  • Order here (orders need to be placed at least 3 days in advance)


  • The PTA sells ice cream during lunch periods
  • Children who bring in money for ice cream have an opportunity to purchase it during their scheduled lunch period

Volunteer Opportunity: Volunteers needed to sell ice cream, collect money, and make daily bank deposit good slip into the new year 2019 for free.

Time involved: Usually 1 day/month from 11:00-1:15.


Volunteer Opportunity: Volunteers needed to had out pizza on Wednesdays during lunch periods free schlager.

Time involved: 1 Wednesday/month from 11:00-1:15.


  • Runs once a month on a Friday
  • Provides the children with a safe environment to practice budgeting their funds and counting money
  • Children have an opportunity to visit the store during lunch. Many families find this to be a great opportunity to encourage their children to earn some chore money so they have money for the school store
  • Items range from roughly 25 cents to a few dollars

Volunteer Opportunity: Volunteers needed to sell and organize store items at lunch periods during the year netflix manche serien kann man nichten.

Time involved: Flexible. The school store runs once a month on a Friday.


  • Purchase school supplies for the upcoming school year as a “kit”
  • Purchase summer workbooks for students to complete over the summer to keep those core grade level skills up to par

Volunteer Opportunity: Volunteers needed to distribute workbooks and/or back to school kits to parents at school hintergründe zum downloaden.

Time involved: 1-2 hour shifts.


  • Held in the fall
  • Coupon book that families can purchase
  • Can purchase additional copies for family members

Volunteer Opportunity: Volunteers needed to distribute books to students, keep track of orders coming in and distribute the orders to parents (parents come to school) movie makeren gratis.

Time involved: 2-3 hours to distribute and 2-3 hours to deliver.


  • Catalog fundraiser
  • Can purchase items and ask family members to purchase items to support the school

Volunteer Opportunity: Volunteers needed to attend Back to School Night and Ice Cream Social to distribute order forms and distribute order to parents at school herunterladen.

Time involved: 1-2 hour shifts.



  • Biggest fundraiser AND a super-fun event

Volunteer Opportunity: Prior to the event, volunteers are needed to solicit donations, wrap baskets, organize ticket sales and advanced 50/50 kindle herunterladen.

Time involved: Flexible.

During the event MANY volunteers are needed to make sure the event runs smoothly.

Time involved: 1-2 hour shifts.

Easy Ways to Support Us

Join the PTA

It's not too late to become a member! All volunteers and chairpersons need to be members of the PTA.

Simply Gourmet

Order hot lunches and support the PTA at the same time.

Order Birthday Bucks

Let your child celebrate their birthday at school by treating each child in their class to a birthday buck.

Amazon Smile

Amazon Smile is a simple and automatic way for you to support the PTA every time you shop, at no cost to you.

Box Tops for Education

Just cut and save all those box tops and scan those receipts! Our box top coordinator will be running various collection programs throughout the year - stay tuned!!

Box Tops for ShopRite

Register to help earn cash for our school!